4 key benefits of using an insurance broker

Why you should be using an insurance broker

In simple terms, insurance advisers act on behalf of their clients to help them understand their risks and purchase the appropriate insurances to cover those risks. As advisers, we work independently of any insurance companies and work in your best interests.

4 benefits of using an insurance broker:

Assess the risks your business faces

Risks can come in many shapes and forms and can impact every business differently. As insurance brokers, we can assist in identifying these risks and help you to understand how to mitigate them. At LARK Insurance, we like to take the approach of reducing risk without an insurance policy wherever possible, so this is where we start.

The right policy, the right price

When you purchased your last car insurance policy, did you read the policy and understand what you were actually covered for? What the exclusions were? Or did you look for the cheapest premium and hope for the best? The truth is, most people fall into this last category. Far too often, the policy with the cheap premium will have a long list of exclusions that you will only find out about when you go to make a claim. At LARK Insurance, we have a wide range of insurance companies we use so we can find you the right policy to meet your needs without blowing your budget.

Reviewing your insurances at each renewal

Circumstances change from time to time, particularly in business. You might have hired a few new staff to keep up with everything, or even started offering new services. These changes may have an impact on the risks facing your business and may require some changes to your insurance policies or providers. We can help you by recommending the appropriate changes to ensure if something happens, your business is covered.

Claims support

When it is time for a client to make an insurance claim, as advisers we can be guide you through the process and step in whenever needed. We will assist by preparing documents, continually follow up the insurer on your behalf, and help the claim progress to the desired outcome for you.

An insurance broker near you

LARK Insurance specialises in assisting clients with their business insurance. Speak to us today about how we can help you and your business.