4 reasons why your small business needs an insurance adviser

Why your small business should use an insurance adviser

Often times small business owners (especially new ones!) are optimistic about the future and neglect to think about some of the risks they may be facing. That’s why its crucial to have an insurance adviser on your side. We can help work through some of the risks you may not be aware of and how to protect against them.

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Benefits of using an insurance adviser

Save you time

Have you ever tried to compare your car, home or health insurance policies? Then you would know how time-consuming the process can be. Business insurance is even more complex because often you won’t even know which covers your business really needs.

As insurance advisers, we can save you time by finding the right policy for you as well as assisting with any claims that arise, so you can focus on getting back to work.

Take advantage of the expertise on offer

Small business owners are great at what they do. Whether that’s carpentry or cleaning, that is their expertise. As insurance advisers, we are experts at understanding the risks your business faces and how to protect you from them.

We will work with you to help you understand the risks your business faces and match an insurance package that mitigate you from them. While an off-the-shelf policy may provide cover for some of the risks your business faces, it is a real gamble hoping the policy will provide for you during an insurable event.

Better policies, better prices

Insurance advisers have access to a large range of insurance providers and can help to secure cover that is specific to your industry. Insurance advisers also look to secure policies that are competitively priced. When your renewal comes up, we will go to the insurance market again to ensure that you are always getting the right policy at the right price.

Help in your corner at claim time

As insurance advisers, we work in your best interests, not for an insurance provider. Part of the service offer is to assist with any claims that you make. We have a good understanding of your business and the policies you have in place and can work for you to get claims paid in a fast and efficient manner.

Every small business owner is busy, booking a free review your insurances with LARK Insurance can help save you a lot of time and money over the course of the year. Talk to us today.