Complimentary Insurance Review

Complimentary Insurance Review

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Everyone is busy, we are all trying to fit so much into each day. Your insurances often can be forgotten and over time become outdated, over priced and messy. This doesn’t have to be the case.

With a small amount of information, we are able to perform a full review of your insurance policies and provide you with you a cost effective and comprehensive solution. Saving you time and money into the future.

When you need to make a claim, we are here to manage that the claims process too. Many of our clients have said that our claims support saved them a lot of time and stress and returned their lives back to normal in record time.

We are passionate about caring for our clients and ensuring that we are your one stop shop for anything insurance. We are passionate about putting you and your business in a stronger position long term and working with you to protect what is important.

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Risk Management Process

Risk Management Strategies

Firstly, we will look to use strategies to reduce risks to your business that don’t cost you anything. These can include ensuring extra steps are taken in the day to day operations which will reduce the risk of claims arising or reduce insurance premiums.

Insurance Review

Next, we will look at what insurance policies you currently have in place. We can talk through some of the finer details that will impact your business at claim time. As well as the appropriateness of these covers. We may recommend different insurance providers, different policies or additional policies where appropriate to help mitigate the risks that are concerning you. We will also use this step to go through what each policy covers and how it relates to your business.

Policy Management

We will also talk through some insurance management strategies. These can include monthly premiums, common renewal dates and grouped covers on single policies.

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