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LARK Insurance Small Business Insurance

What small business insurance policies do you really need?

For those who are brave enough to step out on their own and start their own small business, it can be daunting. There are is plenty of things to worry about that you may not have had to deal with before, including small business insurance. Most people know about public liability insurance and workers compensation,…

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LARK Insurance Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance: What is it and why is it important?

Landlord Insurance: The things you need to know: Many Australians have investment properties. In fact, according to the ATO, in 2018 about 2 million Australians owned investment properties. From the average Mum & Dad investor who are looking to get ahead, to the super-rich property magnates who seem to own half the town, almost every…

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LARK Insurance Business Insurance

3 tips for reviewing your business insurance

When the renewal documents for the business insurance policies arrives in the inbox, a lot of business owners only give the renewal notice a brief glance, not paying attention to what items are insured and whether the cover remains suitable for them. The problem with this approach is you probably are over paying, potentially have…

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Insurance Review

Why you should review your business insurances during lockdown

Here’s why now is the perfect time to review your business insurances Has it been a while since you have sat down and had a look at your insurances? Are you looking to cut some costs through these strange and difficult times? Now is the time to review your insurances for cost and appropriateness. We…

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LARK Insurance small business

4 reasons why your small business needs an insurance adviser

Why your small business should use an insurance adviser Often times small business owners (especially new ones!) are optimistic about the future and neglect to think about some of the risks they may be facing. That’s why its crucial to have an insurance adviser on your side. We can help work through some of the…

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LARK Insurance Tradie Insurance

A guide to tradies insurances

What insurances do you need as a tradie? Are you unsure about tradie insurances? Or are you thinking about going out on your own? Or perhaps you have been in business for a couple of years but haven’t really looked at the insurances since you started? If so, then this is the guide for you…

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LARK Insurance Business Insurance Needs

Insurance cover for growing businesses – what do you actually need?

Insurances to consider to protect your growing business When people first start their business, its fair to say just about everyone is looking to continually grow it. But as your business grows, your risk exposures become increasingly complex and the financial and physical risk becomes more prevalent. Insurances that were fine when you were just…

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LARK Insurance cheaper insurance premiums

3 tips to save you money on your business insurance

How we can save you money on your business insurance Are you finding your insurance premiums are continually rising each year? Are you concerned that you are spending more on your insurance policies than your business can afford? There are a number of things that can impact your insurance premiums and there are many ways…

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LARK Insurance Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance – 3 benefits of using an insurance adviser

3 reasons why you should use an insurance broker for your Landlord Insurance Landlord insurance and insurance for your investment property is crucial in protecting the wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate. There are plenty of policies that you can buy direct over the internet, but do you really know what you are…

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LARK Insurance business interruption insurance

5 Questions To Ask Your Business Insurance Adviser

Here are 5 quick questions you should ask your business insurance adviser Every business owner knows the importance of having the right business insurances in place to protect against natural disasters, liabilities, financial losses and lawsuits, etc. but its difficult to know which insurance policies are best for your needs. Often times, insurance policies that…

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Risk Management Process

Risk Management Strategies

Firstly, we will look to use strategies to reduce risks to your business that don’t cost you anything. These can include ensuring extra steps are taken in the day to day operations which will reduce the risk of claims arising or reduce insurance premiums.

Insurance Review

Next, we will look at what insurance policies you currently have in place. We can talk through some of the finer details that will impact your business at claim time. As well as the appropriateness of these covers. We may recommend different insurance providers, different policies or additional policies where appropriate to help mitigate the risks that are concerning you. We will also use this step to go through what each policy covers and how it relates to your business.

Policy Management

We will also talk through some insurance management strategies. These can include monthly premiums, common renewal dates and grouped covers on single policies.

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