Insurances we offer

Many clients we speak to are confused about what insurances are available to them and what insurances they need for their business. There are many different policies and types available. Click into some of the links below to find out about some of the main policies we can help you with.

Small Business Insurance

Small Business insurance can have many components and policies and can encompass a lot of the policies you may need. It can also be known as a Business Pack and often is a one stop shop for all your small business insurance needs.

Tradie Insurance

We are experts in tradie insurance. We know the important covers you need based on the risks to your industry and can tailor your policies to your exact needs.

Cyber Insurance

Technology has never been more entwined in our businesses. It delivers significant efficiencies and convenience but comes with ever-growing risks.

Management Liability Insurance

Many smaller businesses think that Management Liability only applies to larger businesses. However, there are a lot of risks that apply to all businesses that have employees.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance provides for losses to your residential house, investment property or business location.

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen in any business. Public Liability & Product Liability insurance protects against claims personal injury or damage to a third party.

Motor / Commercial / Heavy Motor Insurance

Provides for cover against loss or theft to your motor vehicle. This can also extend to cover or injury to a third party.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Does your business provides advice or consultancy services? Then you should consider Professional Indemnity Insurance

Let us make insurance easy for you.

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