Motor Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

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What is Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Motor vehicle insurance provides protection for you against accidents that occur on the road. Just like buying a vehicle, there is no one size fits all approach to your insurance needs. There is a really wide variety of policies and additional options to consider for your protection needs. LARK Insurance can help explain all of these options and what to consider for your needs.

What does Motor Insurance cover?

Compulsory Third Party Insurance

This is a legal requirement by each state and territory in Australia. It provides protection to any person that may incur injury while you are driving. This is not an alternative to a motor insurance policy as it does not provide coverage for damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle or property.

Third Party Property

Third Party Property provides cover for damage to people’s property and vehicle. It is important to note that your vehicle is not covered under this type of policy.

Third Party Fire & Theft

This policy has Third Party covered (as mentioned above) as well as some additional basic cover for your vehicle. It is important to read the policy wordings to determine exactly what these covers are and how they apply to your situation as they can change depending on each provider.


A comprehensive insurance policy covers damage to your own vehicle as well as other people’s property. It also includes cover for theft and some other risks. It is by far the most expansive policy, giving you the greatest peace of mind should something happen while on the road.


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