Property Insurance

Property Insurance

LARK Insurance Property Insurance

What is Property Insurance?

Cover for loss or damage to your physical business assets in the event of an incident occurring. 

What does Property Insurance cover?

Property Insurance, also known as Industrial Special Risks, covers the material items of your business such as buildings, contents, stock, plant and machinery. The policy normally covers a variety of insured perils, however there are various considerations to be made when selecting the right Property Insurance for your business. Some examples include:

  • Has the occupancy and use of your premises been adequately disclosed to the insurer? 
  • Is your sum insured adequate? How have you determined your sum insured? 
  • Could you build somewhere else in the event of your property being destroyed? 
  • Are your contents covered inside the building and outside?  
  • Is accidental damage covered, and to what extent? 
  • Are your demolition and removal of debris costs covered? 

Residential Home Insurance

Property insurance can also refer to residential property ownership (investment or domestic). This type of cover can extend to include; Contents Insurance, Home Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Rental Default Insurance and more. There are a lot of providers in the market for Home & Contents Insurance and its important to choose the right one. The right one being one that has a strong policy wording and comprehensive covers while still being cost effective.


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