How you can take control of your business insurances during lockdown

Insurance Review

Here’s why now is the perfect time to review your business insurances

Has it been a while since you have sat down and had a look at your insurances?

Are you looking to cut some costs through these strange and difficult times?

Now is the time to review your insurances for cost and appropriateness. We look at some of the benefits of a business insurance review below:

LARK Insurance Business Insurance Review

Benefits of a business insurance review

Save money on premiums

Insurance advisers have access to a wide range of insurance providers, many do not deal directly with customers. We can help you find cost effective insurance policies to give you the coverage you need to run your business while saving you money during these uncertain times.

Changes To Your Situation

Often times, we see clients who haven’t reviewed their insurances for a while have outdated details such as addresses, annual turnovers, staff numbers, etc. These details may seem minor, but can have a big implications when it comes to claim time so it is important to keep insurers up to date with changes to your situation. Insurance advisers will perform reviews regularly with you to keep these details current and avoid any unnecessary delays or declines at claim time.

Insurance Broker On Your Side

Insurances can be complex and time-consuming and not having an expert in your corner can be a large financial exposure. Insurance advisers can help identify risks to your business, necessary and unnecessary insurance policies, assist with claims and give you the overall peace of mind that your covers are giving you the protection you and your business needs.

Get in touch

With much of NSW in lockdown, now is the perfect time to use some of the extra time we all have and review your business insurances. Reach out to LARK Insurance, we can perform reviews over phone, email or Zoom to help keep everyone safe.