Why I am pleased to have Brett Larkin as our Insurance Broker

Brett sources the best value for money policies for our business.

Brett gives our business excellent service, goes the extra mile for us and lodged a claim with our insurer  on our business’ behalf.

Just after lunch one Friday afternoon, one of our employees on the Central Coast rang me to advise their work laptop had been stolen from the front seat of their car.

My staff member was upset, angry and annoyed that this event happened.  I let them know I would speak with Brett to see what we needed to do to  lodge a claim for the laptop and to advise our cyber insurance providers the laptop had been stolen.

I felt a little rattled myself – after a long week this was the last thing I expected to be dealing with on a Friday afternoon!

I called Brett who answered his phone straight away – no going to message bank or voicemail – I got an instant response.

I shared what had happened and he knew exactly what needed to be done.  He spoke with our business insurer directly right then and got back to me with what we needed to provide to Brett so he could lodge our claim for us.  He also spoke with our cyber security insurance provider to let them know we had a work laptop stolen. Our claim was approved  very quickly – that day in fact!

Brett advised we could purchase a new laptop to replace the stolen one as we had an urgent business need to have it right away.  After sending through the tax invoice for the new laptop and HDMI cord the funds were deposited into our bank account within a couple of days.

Having Brett Larkin as our Insurance Broker removed most of the stress and hassle of an unpleasant experience.  I  trust him to advise and assist our business in all our insurance matters.

I highly recommend Brett’s insurance broking services.