About us

About us

We care about you and your business.
Let us give you the peace of mind you need in whatever it is you’re doing

LARK Insurance Brett and Andrew

About LARK Insurance

Brett & Andrew Larkin are both born and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales. We have spent our working lives in different parts of the finance industry and have always been passionate about caring for their clients.

We started LARK Insurance as we felt that there was a lack of client service in the industry and wanted to offer something different. we care about our clients and want to give you the peace of mind you need in whatever it is you’re doing. We are both educated and experienced and can work with you to ensure you have the right protection in place to look after what’s important to you.

If you want to book an complimentary meeting with Brett and Andrew to review your business insurances, you can do that directly here.

Read a bit more about Brett and Andrew Larkin below.

Brett Larkin

Brett has been in the insurance industry for 15 years and has helped clients all over New South Wales. He enjoys getting to know his clients and the satisfaction he gets from being able to put them in a better position. He believes that a strong broker-client relationship is paramount to the risk management success of a business.

Brett has a ‘client first’ attitude and this has led to him having a lot of success in the insurance industry. He has helped clients from a wide range of different industries and has experience helping people from all walks of life.

Get in touch with Brett today to review your insurances.

Brett Larkin from LARK Insurance
Andrew Larkin from LARK Insurance

Andrew Larkin

Andrew has been in the finance industry since 2013, starting out as a financial adviser before transitioning into the business insurance space.. Like Brett, Andrew has a strong client service focus. He spent time working in small practices as well as large financial institutions and has seen it all when it comes to dealing with clients.

Andrew enjoys being able to make a confusing and complicated topic for many people such as insurance a little bit easier. Getting to know clients and forming relationships over the years is paramount in the way that Andrew operates.

Get in touch with Andrew today to review your insurances.

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