Why use an insurance adviser?

Why use an insurance adviser?

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What is an insurance adviser?

You likely have professionals who help you with a variety of different facets in your business/personal life such as accountants or solicitors. You use these people because they are professionals in their field and can help advise you of the correct course of action in areas you may not fully understand or have the time to learn. We, as insurance advisers are here to help navigate you through the complex world of insurances and recommend policies that are both cost effective and suited to meet your needs.

At LARK Insurance we enjoy being able to help our clients with all aspects of their insurances. By having us as your adviser, we can help ensure you have the right insurances for your business, personal assets (cars, houses, investment properties), events, projects, etc. We form a strong relationship with our clients and become your main contact for all insurance related matters.

We save you time and money by dealing with the insurers on your behalf and negotiating lower premiums and better claim payments for you. We have access to a wide range of insurance providers and can help find the right product for you.

How much does an insurance adviser cost?

Often times using an insurance adviser costs less than sourcing insurance direct as we are able to find competitively priced insurance policies suited to your specific needs. By engaging us to source covers for you, you can also spend more time in your business and less time worrying about your insurance policies.

What else can an insurance adviser do?

We don’t just put your insurance policy in place and move on, we are here to help make sure your insurance keeps up with your changing life/business. When your renewal comes around, we will sit with you to go over what has changed in your situation and what changes are necessary for the covers you have in place.

Another part of our job is to manage claims for you when they happen. We have a good understanding of the claims process with insurers and know the right people to talk to to make sure things happen. We can work to ensure claims are paid quickly and efficiently to reduce the impact on your business as much as possible.


If you are looking to spend less money and time on your insurances and more time working on your business or with your family, get in touch with us today.

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